Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ride Statistics

As you can imagine, Shannon, Kyle and I have been asked a lot of questions about The Ride.  There are the basics - Was it what you expected?  Would you do it again?  Did your butt hurt?  What did you think about all that time?  Anything you would do different?  What is your best memory?  What was your worst moment?  What was most unexpected?  What most disappointed you?  The questions go on and on and all are good and some are very difficult to answer.  Keep asking us about The Ride as it makes us think and remember all of the good times and amazing things that happened.

Here are some statistics only an accountant would probably track:
  • Fuel (gas and diesel) used:  1,276 gallons
  • Packages of Oreo's, various flavors:  15
  • Bags of Ice:  85
  • Jars of Peanut Butter:  3 Large
  • Loaves of Bread:  about 20
  • Gatorade/Pho-ade:  3 1/2 Large Containers
  • Bike Accidents:  3 - Shannon rear ended Kyle on Day 1, Kyle caught a wheel on Day 8 and Shane caught a wheel on Day 42.  These are the only times Riders and Bikes hit pavement.
  • Flat Tires:  21 - Bikes 20, Flex 1
  • Total Miles Traveled:  Approximately 20,000 - Total of all miles traveled by bike, RV and Flex
  • # of Ride Days:  33
  • Estimated # of Hours on the Bike for SKS:  843 - assuming about 9 hours per day. 
  • # of Rest Days:  9, We rode about 30 miles on a scheduled rest day so it became a ride day.  This was the only time we did not complete the planned miles per our schedule.
  • # of Relay Days:  1, May 18.  The wind was incredible so we made the smart decision and each rode 20 miles....except for The Cannon who rode 40 (20 miles solo and 20 miles as rider support). 
  • # of Unscheduled, Individual Rider Rest Days:  4 - We knew this could happen but it didn't make the days off, or the decision to take the days off, any easier.  Looking back, we know we made the right decisions.
  • Unexpected Signs of Support:  2 - Lockhart, TX and El Paso, TX.  Seriously, there were signs (and people) cheering us on.  Way Cool!!!!!!
  • Road Kill Count:  We stopped counting.  Unfortunately, we couldn't stop smelling.
  • Total # of Riders who joined us (Shannon, Kyle & Shane) along the route:  22 - Yes, this includes the likes of Dad, Mom, Kerri, Kurt, Carl, Cole, Isaac, Casey, Jake, Keith, Kyle #2, Jordan, Justin, Jordan A, Theresa and a few others.
  • Pictures Taken:  A Lot
  • Jars of Assos Chamois Cream:  6.  Some of this cream disappered in the middle of two Knights.
  • # of People who helped on The Ride:  11 scheduled, 5 unscheduled but much appreciated!
  • # of People on Planning Team:  9, excluding riders
  • # of People Benefited:  Countless
Thank you for supporting Our Ride.