Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ride The Rockies Day 1

Hello. First, I will probably not have everything capitalized right because I am on my iPad. Today we rode almost 80 miles and had elevation gain of 3,233 feet. We also experienced allot of head wind. I am beginning to think I am the reason for the wind. I rode today with Sheri Stecgart and Steve Hovey. Steve is Sheri's cycling coach and has PD. man can Steve ride! I don't think he switched to the small ring until we were 30+ miles in. Me I was in the small ring about 2 miles in. Steve is a lot like Carl and Dad.....AMAZING!!! Positive can do attitude and is not letting PD stop him. Steve is from New Jersey and recently rode in a century that climbed 8,500 feet! Craziness! And absolutely Impressive! Sheri and I laughed the whole day. Mostly she was laughing at my problems. My new go pro camera bracket broke. Then my tail light broke. Then she started calling me sniffles cuz my nose kept running. She will probably call me rudolph tomorrow because my nose is so red. Last nude Dad and I had dinner with Sheri and tonight we had dinner with Steve. Food on the ride is a little disappointing. You have to buy everything but water, Gatorade, bananas, orange slices,pretzels or animal crackers. PB&J is $2 or $3. I saw a steak sandwich for $12. I struggle paying that in a restaurant. We were all a little surprised but ya gotta eat. Dad went to the Black Canyon National Park today. He said it was really cool. A lot like The hoodoos in Bryce. While there he ran into Lauren and Tim from DPF. They went for a hike and then lunch. So far good trip. I am tired and a little sun burned. Guess I will apply more screen tomorrow. Tomorrow we ride only 68 miles but climb the first 40+. Until tomorrow, ciao' Shane, aka Marty, aka Beaker, aka Sniffles

Thursday, June 7, 2012

We're Back!

Hello.  We are back and ready to ride.

I will try to blog each day we are in Colorado for the 2012 Ride the Rockies.