Saturday, February 1, 2014


The number of days until we ride again.

The number is small if you are planning the ride.

The number is large if you are ready to start making an impact.

What this number means depends on your perspective.

I am learning that perspective is huge in life.

Your perspective on an event impacts
               your reactions
                                    your thoughts
                                                         your feelings
                                                                             your future.

In the almost three years since we finished our first Ride, I have seen the impact perception has on those diagnosed with Parkinson's.  Some are angry - why me, why now.  But, most are positive - they almost taunt the disease.  I'm sure they have all had their bad days and went through the anger stage but they have moved on - accepted what has been dealt them - and are living life.

If you are a numerology person - is it significant that 8+6 = 14, the year POPs will ride again and here I am, writing to let everyone know it is 86 days until we ride?  I don't know, maybe just another random thought which either made you laugh at me or wonder if I fell off my bike again.  Guess it depends on your perspective of me. :)

Stay tuned as we will once again Blog after the ride each day and let you know what we saw, felt and experienced.