Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 25 - Mugu-mania

First, sorry these are late getting posted.  The last three days of the ride were hectic and since getting home, I have had a hard time even thinking of sitting at the computer.  Work has been busy and I pretty much just want to veg when I make it home.

Day 25 - Oxnard to Hermosa
Miles - 61.91
Gain - didn't write

Today was a great day on the bike.  Relatively level and through some nice coast.  We rode by the Mugu Naval Air Station.  We stopped and read about some of the weaponry used there and other facts about the Station and I kept thinking about what all happened there in the more than 50 years it was in operation.  The base was commissioned in 1942.  Yes, I like history and am an information junky….I never said I remembered it all but I do like to hear, read and learn about history.  I really wish I had a better memory.  Anywho, this place is huge and I know some incredible events happened there.  I wondered where those individuals are now.  What are they doing?  How did they impact history…WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf…...

This also made me wonder - how much of this trip will I remember in 5, 10, 20 years?  How much will anyone who wasn't on the ride remember in 12 months?

What I do know is Pops and Carl continue to amaze me, challenge me, inspire me.

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