Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 24 - Shut The Door!

Carpenteria to Oxnard

Mileage - 29.62
Elevation Gain - 258

We spent the night at the Carpenteria LDS church.  Dave was our host and he was great.  He had cowboy golf setup - which we moved to the park near the public showers and played while we took turns in the shower.  Then we went to the Palms Steakhouse where you grill your own steak or chicken.  Dave told us they had the best croutons and he was right.  they were incredible.

Today we had a nice short ride - mostly because we had a difficult time finding lodging further north. Again, there was a reason for this and we made a new friend in Dave.  Dave, and another gentleman named Bob from the church,  both of these gentlemen have Parkinson's......any questions why we were there?  Me Neither!

The ride today was great.  Along the beach and in no hurry - life is good.

Carl's Family - Leisa, Jordan and Kamrie - arrived in time for lunch.  He was excited to see them, and they him, and it was good for all to catch up.

Now we are sitting in Carolyn's backyard enjoying the sun and conversation.  Good Times.

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