Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 21 - sea lions and sun

Carmel Valley to somewhere near San Simeon

Mileage - 70
Elevation Gain - 5,400

Yes, we climbed a lot.  I think this is the most gain we have had in a single day.  Today we were riding fast until about lunch.  By lunch we had finished 30+ miles.  Pops and Shannon were on the tandem and Carl was resting.  We were on the 1 all day and most of it without a nice shoulder.  So far, most of the drivers have been very respectful and only a few have buzzed us.

Dad and Shannon called it a day about 3.  Keith and I kept going until 4.  I wanted to to hit 5,000 feet of gain...unfortunately, there was no good place to stop until we hit the 5,400 mark.  The last hill was brutal but Keith and I summited and then said - donedee.  

We are staying with Mona's sister, Trish, tonight and tomorrow.  She  made a great dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and a salad.  I probably ate too much chicken but I was hungry and still don't feel full.  Guess I burned a lot of calories today. 

We are about 35 miles from the Coast in Paso Robles so we are thinking we will just ride through the vineyards around Paso tomorrow.  We will still put in our 50-60 miles as usual but we thought we would see some new scenery.  Carl asked if I had checked with Corporate to make sure this change was OK and we confirmed they agree this is OK and a good idea.  We will use this as a quasi-recovery ride.   

Well, that's about it.  Good night all.


  1. Great blog; thank you Shane; will you still do Hermosa to San Clemente on Friday? I live in Huntington Beach but will probably see you in Laguna or Dana Pt. Love the POPS RIDE PCH site; looks like you had 2 stops today; what does Pops prefer, red or white? Hoping the Spot system will help me find you in San Clemente Friday evening if that's OK; I am a Person with Parkinson's & represent over 100 other 'Parkies' in Orange County; admiringly, Dennis Padrick,

  2. oh; works also!