Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 22 and 23 - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Day 22 - Rode around Paso Robles
Day 23 - Pismo Beach to Carpinteria

Day 22
Miles - 40
Elevation Gain - 1,000

Day 23
Miles - 56.22
Elevation Gain - 2,431

We stayed with Mona's family the nights of Days 21 and 22 and this was about 35 miles inland.  As a result, we all agreed it would be a good idea to just stay near Paso on Day 22 and ride in the area.  Paso Robles has many wineries and a couple of Olive Oil-ers so it was nice country to be riding through.  I was on the tandem with Dad for about 25 miles and need to recognize Shannon for his talent at captaining that rig.  It is so much different from a solo bike.  I was exhausted after my measly 25 miles.  Shannon has put in more than 200 miles on the tandem this trip.  What a stud.

Mona's family were incredible hosts.  On Sunday night we had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and salad.  I think I ate like seven pieces....guess I was hungry.  Then they got up and made us bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Monday night we had grilled hot dogs and some incredible beans.  Then for breakfast this morning they made biscuits and gravy and eggs.  Thanks Trish for opening your home to all of us!

Mona's Mom made me my favorite cupcakes with chocolate chips in them.  I had a "few" of those and we also brought some along with us for lunch today.  She also did all of our laundry.  She is a special lady in my book.  Thanks Marva!

Needless to say, we got off to a late start on the bikes today.  About 1/2 mile into our ride we passed a cinnamon roll bakery and they smelled amazing.  Yes, it was time for 2nd breakfast so we all enjoyed a local delicacy.  Got to love small town bakeries!  And we have hit some incredible ones on this trip.

Today's ride took us through more farmland where they were growing strawberries, broccoli and cauliflower.  Of course, we had some beach time also and the views were wonderful.

Full Disclosure - Sunday and Monday were two days when the crew all wondered if everything was ok with me.  I was riding but had pretty much checked out of most other inter-action.  Reason being - it was day 20-something on the bike and I was tired.  Also, our Friend Kyle is with us now which to me meant I could check out some from the day to day Ride operations and kinda veg.  Kyle, Shannon and I think a lot alike plus Kyle has ridden enough he has a cyclists understanding of what is needed from SAG.  This is not to say all of our other SAG drivers haven't been incredible.  Kyle is a great friend I am blessed to have and I know he will pick up on what needs to be done.  Thanks Kyle - it is great to have you along this week!

Rachel is also back in the drivers seat of the Edge and doing her SAG duties.  She had originally signed up to just drive for the first week but had so much fun she wanted to come back for this week.  As has happened throughout this ride and the past year of planning - everything happens for a reason.  The other person who was suppose to drive SAG this week had some scheduling issues and wasn't able to be here.  Guess what, Rachel was here to fill the gap.

A few of the sights from today:

Harvesting cauliflower.  They hand cut each head, place it on the trailer where another person rinses it and bags it.  Then it is boxed by another worker.  Note that no one is driving the tractor....at least until the end of the field.

A cemetery in a small California town.  It is ready for Memorial Day.

The next two pics are of paintings on the same building.  The first is a map of the Southern CA coast.

And the second is a "billboard" for Gold Medal Flower.  I love this old "billboards" on the sides of buildings.  I just think they are the coolest.

Take care all.  We are four days from San Diego and completing this leg of our journey.

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